Raveling Companies, LLC

Raveling Companies, LLC Amery, WI

Raveling Companies, LLC was officially launched in Spring of 2009. Dean Raveling, president and owner of Raveling Companies, has been in the business for over 40 years, working his way through the industry from the ground up. He is quickly becoming a leader in this unique market with Raveling Companies' custom designs for buckets and attachments.



Customer service and communication are our number one priorities at Raveling Companies. Our custom design approach from capacity, width, round bottom, flat bottom, round corner, square corner, bolt-on edges, trapezoidal, general purpose, ditch cleaning and many others means we can make your unique product for this niche market. Our focus is on manufacturing the best, most precise, product possible and getting your machine back to work quickly. Raveling Companies prides itself on designing and building the product you need for your unique and specific task.


We are located in Amery, Wisconsin and distribute products throughout much of the United States.